“Without God, there’s no return” – His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad

“Without God, there’s no return” – His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aa) alerts on the dangerous condition of our world.

“At present, as I frequently ask, continue to pray for the overall situation of the Palestinians. It has been heard that efforts might be underway for a ceasefire in Gaza. Perhaps the Israeli government will acquiesce to a degree. Yet, the likelihood of conflict flaring up along the Lebanese border is seemingly on the rise, which will invariably impact the Palestinians in the West Bank.

There appears to be a complete absence of justice in Western governments. Their own writers are now more openly penning that the extent of oppression is reaching new bounds.

American leaders are merely fuelling these wars to enhance their own economy, leading to an increase in their revenue as their arms factories ramp up production. Even their analysts now concede that America is endeavouring to prolong this conflict to improve its economy and is sowing discord across the globe. They fail to realise that they cannot elude the grasp of the Almighty.

“Ahmadis, on the other hand, must endeavour to avert devastation through their prayers and outreach.

Recently, it has emerged that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has been denied financial support by the USA and the UK, among others, on allegations that 11 or 12 of their members were colluding with Hamas. To withhold assistance from the Palestinians under these pretexts would be an act of oppression. It is nothing more than a means of coercion.

What is bewildering, though, is the silence from oil-affluent Muslim nations; no declarations of support have been forthcoming, especially since the UN agency has announced its inability to extend aid beyond February without further assistance. May Allah enable these Muslim nations to fulfil their roles and bring an end to global turmoil.

The threat of conflict with Iran also appears to be escalating.

Likewise, remember the Ahmadis in Yemen in your prayers. One of our devoted Ahmadis recently passed away during detention, due to inadequate medical care, details of which are hard to ascertain. Nonetheless, pray for those ensnared in tribulations. Insha-Allah, upon receiving more information, I shall also offer the funeral prayer in absentia for the deceased.

Pray for the Ahmadis in Pakistan too. Ahmadis are perpetually targeted for political gains, and the Jamaat also faces threats from various extremist groups. Jamaat members [in Pakistan] are doubly endangered, both as citizens and as Ahmadis. Pray for Ahmadis in Rabwah and other cities. May the Almighty safeguard them, repel the malevolence of the wicked back onto themselves, and protect Ahmadis in every nation.

The world must recognise that without turning to God, there is no other path for them. Their survival hinges on acknowledging God and accepting His Messenger, peace be upon him. May God grant them the capacity to do so.” [Amin.] (Friday Sermon, 2 February 2024)