Full efforts are not being made to end the war in Gaza, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said in his weekly Friday Sermon

“Just as I continue to urge people to pray for the Palestinians, I reiterate the need to continue praying. May Allah the Almighty enable the world to truly act against oppression.

Even though louder voices have started to be raised – they say ‘oppression is happening, injustice is taking place,’ – it seems that everyone is frightened of the Israeli government.

Or, the Western world, by its very nature, is opposed to Muslims. There is hatred there, due to which they desire that injustices against Muslims either do not end, or the efforts that should be made to end them are not made. They do not consider that there are innocent children, innocent women who are being oppressed, and the elderly.

In any case, we can not rely on them much, but efforts should continue to be made to raise awareness and prayers should continue.

May Allah the Almighty grant the Muslim countries the strength to have a forceful voice and by truly becoming united, speak out against this oppression and try to end it.”