Voices for Peace

Voices For Peace Event organised by MKA UK Baitun Noor Region

Alhamdulillah by the sheer grace of Allah the Almighty on Thursday 14th December 2023 MKA Baitun Noor Region was enabled to launch the worldwide ‘Voices for Peace’ initiative at Wandsworth Town Hall in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Guests in attendance were

1.  Cllr Juliana Annan – The Mayor of Wandsworth

2.  Abdelatti Mahmoud – Faith Engagement Office MET Police

3.  Charan Singh – Representative of the Sikh Faith

4.  Brian Cairns – Secretary of ‘Wandsworth Friends of Palestine’

5.  Mrs. Sumaiyya – Social Media Incharge for ‘Wandsworth Friends of Palestine’

We were invited into the Mayor’s Parlour at around 11:20am and thereafter began set-up which included displaying the newly printed MKA ‘Voices for Peace’ banners and the Video Camera.

The reception began with a formal recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Rabeeb Mirza (Murrabi & RQ Baitun Noor) at 11:45am. Verses 9 & 10 from Surah Al-Maidah were recited.

Thereafter the Mayor of Wandsworth delivered her welcome address and expressed her delight in being able to launch the ‘Voices For Peace’ initiative in the borough. She also mentioned her Christian background and how Jesus also taught a message of peace.

After her welcoming Address the Mayor then invited Respected Hibbatul Mohsin Sahib (Naib Sadr MKA) to the front. Naib Sadr Sahib spoke about the background of MKA and the activities it conducts across the country. He also spoke about the ‘Voices For Peace’ initiative and how it was crucial that an immediate ceasefire be met. He also spoke about the duty the media had in presenting correct information and quoted Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) in relation to this particular matter. He also presented recent quotes of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) in regards to the ongoing Palestine – Israel conflict.

This was followed by some short addresses.

The first was delivered by Abdelatti Mahmoud who is serving in the MET Police as Faith Engagement Officer who appreciated the ‘Voices for Peace’ initiative. He spoke about how these events should not be one of rather how they should become a permanent feature. He also spoke about how global events have an effect on local life and how there has been an increase in hate crimes however they should be treated as one of events. He also mentioned that the MET are ready to help anyone in need.

The next speech was by Charan Singh of the Sikh Faith who gave a very short yet very powerful speech. He condemned the atrocities being committed against innocent civilians and echoed his support from the Sikh Faith that they shall also be a voice in this voices for peace and also mentioned that he would request all other faith groups to become a part of this initiative.

This was then followed by Brian Cairns the Secretary of ‘Wandsworth Friends of Palestine’ who spoke about how this group is a non-political group and welcomed the initiative for the ‘Voices for Peace’ campaign. He also mentioned the fact that there needs to be an immediate ceasefire and how the politicians of the country held a great responsibility in ensuring that one is achieved. He also mentioned how their group desired to get the message out of what is actually transpiring on the ground in Gaza. He mentioned about the initiatives they have held like street stalls and protests to create awareness.

The concluding address was delivered by Rabeeb Mirza who spoke about the Islamic teachings in light of the ongoing conflict. He also spoke about the need for justice and how when the world has begun to raise these issues in recent times, the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been raising this voice for the past 2 decades. He also quoted Sir Chaudhary Zafrullah Khan Sahib in how Palestine can achieve independence through the universal right of self-determination.

This was then followed by a short video clip comprising of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V’s (aba) addresses over the past 20 years and how Huzur has been advocating for Peace and Justice all across the globe.

Respected Regional Amir Baitun Noor Sayed Shakeel Ahmad Sahib gave his concluding remarks wherein he thanked the Mayor for her invitation and also spoke about how this event was a lead-up event to an event held by MKA in the Houses of Parliament. He said that this was the launch of this campaign in the borough and is a start to other such events. The event was concluded with a silent prayer lead by Respected Regional Amir Sahib at 12:30pm.

A group photo was taken and all the guests were given gift bags provided by the Tabligh Department UK which included the following literature

1.  World Crisis & Pathway to Peace

2.  Stop WW3 Brochure

3.  Ceasefire Brochure

4.  Palestine – Israel Conflict brochure by the External Affairs UK Dept.

The following attended from our side

1.  Respected Regional Amir Sayed Shakeel Ahmad Sahib

2.  Respected Naib Sadr MKA Hibbatul Mohsin Sahib

3.  Respected Sharjeel Sheikh Sahib (Regional Missionary Baitun Noor)

4.  Uzair Talha (Qaid Clapham – Managed Photography & Videography for the event)

5.  Wajahat Shah Sahib (Regional Nazim Atfal Baitun Noor)

6.  Noor Uddin (Naib Regional Motamid)

7.  Rabeeb Mirza (Missionary & Regional Qaid Baitun Noor)

Alhamdulillah the event was a success and we were able to share contact details with the guests for future events.